For end users
As a next step to GDPR, DigiPac makes it possible for end users to take control of how their personal information is used by organisations.

-With DigiPac you can access and manage your consents in one place, and get increased awareness and overview of what you have agreed with your service providers concerning the data they have on you.

For organisations
DigiPac enables organisations to always stay in sync with user consents and preferences, in order to get the most out of their personal data assets and customer relationships.

-In addition, DigiPac offers an electronic register for personal identifiable information that organisations are required to retain for full compliance to GDPR Article 30.

For regulators
DigiPac provides regulators with an API for doing automated audits and benchmarking at scale, in order to ensure full impact of the GDPR objectives.

-This way DigiPac contributes to the ecosystem of personal information management in both society and business, to the benefit of all parties across Europe and more.